About Amy McElroy

Amy McElroy is a contributing editor and writer for Rewire Me. She has written for print, radio, and online publications such as The Bold Italic, The Billfold, Noodle, Cosmopolitan, BlogHer, and others. Her website, amyjmcelroy.net, lists her editorial services. She’s on twitter at @amyjmcelroy. Amy balances her work at the computer by teaching yoga and fitness.

Articles by Amy McElroy

“Magic” Paper Could Save Forests

A new technology creates reusable printing paper by applying a coating of nanoparticles made of Prussian blue and titanium dioxide, which allows a sheet of paper to be used up to 80 times without recycling. Using only UV light and heat to print and erase, respectively, this technology could have large-scale applications to limit the paper industry’s future damage to our environment.

Scientists Create New Life-Form with Man-Made DNA

Scientists have a created a stable, semi-synthetic life form by introducing a man-made pair of DNA, known as X and Y, into E. Coli. While the organism currently performs no function, the researchers hope it will eventually be able to read the synthetic DNA and produce non-natural proteins—resulting in new drugs, raw material, and eventually life forms.

Big Brands Line Up To Oppose Trump’s Travel Ban

Numerous corporate entities have publicly denounced President Trump’s executive order banning refugees and others from certain Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. Some companies have issued statements via social media, donated to the ACLU, or offered various forms of support to those affected, among other actions.



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