About Amy McElroy

Amy McElroy is a contributing editor and writer for Rewire Me. She has written for print, radio, and online publications such as The Bold Italic, The Billfold, Noodle, Cosmopolitan, BlogHer, and others. Her website, amyjmcelroy.net, lists her editorial services. She’s on twitter at @amyjmcelroy. Amy balances her work at the computer by teaching yoga and fitness.

Articles by Amy McElroy

STUDY: White Men See Guns As a Means of Empowerment in Times of Economic Uncertainty

Study finds white men are often empowered by guns when faced with loss of economic status. This subset of gun owners has a different set of values and policy beliefs worth further study, including tendencies towards insurrectionism.

How Does Avatar Therapy Work for Schizophrenia Patients?

A study showed people with schizophrenia can reduce the voices in their heads by standing up to avatars, designed to look and sound like their voices, with the support of therapists. Compared to the control group who received counseling, the group receiving avatar therapy felt less overall distress from their voices, and more of them stopped hearing voices altogether within a shorter time period.  

Cuba Alleges ‘Crickets & Cicadas’ Caused Brain Damage in Havana-Based US Diplomats

For months, United States diplomats in Cuba have suffered an ongoing range of symptoms from a mysterious source, straining relations between the two governments. The latest diagnosis includes abnormalities to some of the diplomats’ white brain matter, which affects cognitive function, sensory and motor skills. However, this discovery only further divides scientists on the issue … Continued

STUDY: Virtual Reality Technology Found to Provide Pain Relief to Patients

VR technology is beginning to revolutionize the medical field by providing acute and chronic pain relief in the clinical and hospital setting, and working to expand treatment into patients’ homes. As the technology improves, this may have a tremendous impact on the opioid crisis, decreasing patients’ needs for prescription painkillers.

STUDY: What Are the Health Benefits of Being by the Ocean?

Living or spending time near the ocean or other bodies of water has proven scientific health benefits including reduced stress. Looking at water views—or blue space—inhaling air near the shore, and even walking on sand may help calm and create meditative effects, reduce depression, seasonal affective disorder, and other mental health conditions.

How Cities Around the World Are Reducing Their Number of Cars

Despite improved technology for low and no-emission vehicles, cities are aiming to reduce or eliminate cars from their roadways. The reduction of pollution and quality of life if people used pedestrian walkways, bike paths and public transportation is motivating major changes for urban planning.



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