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Amy McElroy is a contributing editor and writer for Rewire Me. She has written for print, radio, and online publications such as The Bold Italic, The Billfold, Noodle, Cosmopolitan, BlogHer, and others. Her website, amyjmcelroy.net, lists her editorial services. She’s on twitter at @amyjmcelroy. Amy balances her work at the computer by teaching yoga and fitness.

WATCH: Larry Page’s Kitty Hawk Project Unveils Its ‘Cora’ Flying Taxi

Larry Page’s company, Kitty Hawk, revealed a self-driving taxi development project in New Zealand ...

Nissan, nissan brain to vehicle, brain to vehicle, brain to vehicle video, nissan brain to vehicle tech

What Is Brain-to-Vehicle Technology? Nissan Uses AI to Anticipate Drivers’ Moves

Nissan has developed brain-to-vehicle (B2V) technology that uses a skull cap with EEG sensors ...

drawbacks of avatar therapy, avatar therapy, avatar therapy schizophrenia, what is avatar therapy, avatar therapy for persecutory auditory hallucinations: what is it and how does it work?, who developed a treatment for schizophrenia using avatars, Kings College London

How Does Avatar Therapy Work for Schizophrenia Patients?

A study showed people with schizophrenia can reduce the voices in their heads by ...

VR distraction therapy, virtual reality and pain management: current trends and future directions, virtual reality pain relief, how virtual reality helps pain

STUDY: Virtual Reality Technology Found to Provide Pain Relief to Patients

VR technology is beginning to revolutionize the medical field by providing acute and chronic ...

bluespace, bluespace theory, health benefits of living near the ocean, benefits of ocean air, living near the beach pros and cons

STUDY: What Are the Health Benefits of Being by the Ocean?

Living or spending time near the ocean or other bodies of water has proven ...

Alzheimers, alzheimer electric shock therapy, shock treatment for alzheimers 2017

STUDY: Targeted Electric Shocks Improve Memory in Alzheimer’s Patients

Researchers successfully test memory boosting brain implant on humans, improving short-term and working memory. ...

carless cities, car free cities, impact of less cars on the environment, what are cities doing to reduce pollution

How Cities Around the World Are Reducing Their Number of Cars

Despite improved technology for low and no-emission vehicles, cities are aiming to reduce or ...