About Alison Wilkinson

Ali Wilkinson is a lawyer and writer living in Portland, Oregon. Her writing has appeared in the Huffington Post, Elephant Journal and Scary Mommy, among others. She blogs at Run, Knit, Love.

Articles by Alison Wilkinson

The Drop in Oil Prices Creates a Win for the Environment, a Loss for Canadian Oil Companies

[DIGEST: Wall Street Journal, Greenpeace, Inside Climate News, The Toronto Star, The Guardian] Last month, oil prices dropped to under $40 a barrel, a six-year low. For the average consumer, lower oil prices mean lower gas costs. But not everyone is celebrating. Canada, home to the third largest source of untapped crude oil, and the … Continued

Revenge Porn’s Tipping Point: Have We Gone Far Enough?

The Internet has brought us many things: The ability to keep in touch with friends near and far. Instant answers to every trivia question. Even a million Match.com babies. But the underbelly of the net is vast, and often unregulated. One area of this dark side is cyber exploitation, more colloquially called “revenge porn.” Revenge … Continued

Can Corporations Be Good Citizens?

Tales of corporate greed are ubiquitous, but how often do we hear tales of corporate good? Increasingly, however, corporations are diving headfirst into important political and ethical issues. A prime example occurred earlier this spring when Indiana’s governor signed into law the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), which permitted private businesses to refuse service to … Continued

The Koch Brothers’ Big Gamble: Scott Walker for the Republican Nomination

Until recently, Scott Walker was most reknowned–or notorious, depending on whom you ask–for being the governor who fought Wisconsin’s public employee unions, passed controversial “right to work” laws, and successfully defeated a recall. That may soon change. As the unofficial 2016 presidential pick of billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, Scott Walker will soon fill the … Continued

World War II’s Impact Viewed in a New Light in “The Fallen of World War II”

[DIGEST: The Fallen of World War II] World War II ended nearly 75 years ago. As it fades into distant memory, it’s easy to lose sight of what a devastating impact those six years had on the world’s population. Filmmaker Neil Halloran has created a video entitled “The Fallen of World War II,” which underscores the staggering number of casualties of … Continued



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