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Ali Wilkinson is a lawyer and writer living in Portland, Oregon. Her writing has appeared in the Huffington Post, Elephant Journal and Scary Mommy, among others. She blogs at Run, Knit, Love.

Move Over, Fecal Transplants. Here Come the Worms.

[DIGEST: Science Magazine, ScienceAlert, Science Daily, Mental Floss] If you are one of the ...


Why Utah Now Requires Anesthesia For Some Abortions

Utah law requires anesthesia for abortions performed after 19 weeks in order to protect ...

It’s Not Just That You’re Pregnant, It’s That You Might Get Pregnant

Studies show that women of childbearing age face discrimination and wage differences.


Wrong All Along? New Study Casts Doubts On Benefits of Traditional Family Model

Despite the government’s promotion of the nuclear family as the ideal, a more cooperative ...

Fukushima Medical Scare Exposes Blind Spot In Post-Radiation Testing

Five years after the Fukushima power plant meltdown, scientists debate whether incidences of thyroid ...


“Revolutionary” Procedure Allows Kidney Transplants from Incompatible Donors

A breakthrough procedure allows patients to receive kidneys from incompatible donors.


Dying Star’s Shockwave Photographed for the First Time

NASA’s Kepler telescope captures the shockwaves emitted from a dying star for the first ...

China’s New Media Regulations Bring Anger, Heartbreak to LGBT Community

New Chinese regulations are published banning the depiction of gay couples on television.

Sea Levels Are Dramatically on the Rise – Are You Ready?

New reports show an unprecedented rise in sea levels, and scientists expect an increase ...