About Aileen Wagner

Aileen Wagner employs her love of words as a writer and editor. She is the owner of Walnut Bend Creative, and spends her time working on everything from textbooks to narratives to research presentations.She lives with her family in Columbus, Ohio. You can connect with her at walnutbendcreative.wordpress.com or via Walnut Bend Creative on Facebook.

Articles by Aileen Wagner

Third Shooting in 10 Days Raises Fresh Hate Crime Fears

Deep Rai, a Sikh man, was shot in his driveway in a suburb of Seattle on Friday. Rai, who survived the attack, has said the shooter yelled, “Go back to your own country” during the attack. Witnesses to the Kansas murder of Srinivas Kuchibhotla and shooting of Alok Madasani, also U.S. residents of Indian origin, reported … Continued

George W. Bush Breaks Silence Over Trump

Former President George W. Bush has been fairly quiet since leaving office in 2009. Most of his news coverage has been about his work as a painter. Yesterday, NBC’s Today invited him to discuss a new book of his paintings, but the topic became political. When Matt Lauer asked about the Trump travel ban, Bush replied … Continued

Two Men Mistaken for Middle Eastern Shot, One Fatally, in Kansas Bar

Wednesday after work, Srinivas Kuchibhotla and Alok Madasani went to Austins Bar and Grill to watch a college basketball game and have a drink. The engineers for Garmin reportedly visited regularly. This visit ended when Adam Purinton allegedly shot both men killing Kuchibhotla and injuring Madasani and Ian Grillot. A bartender claims that Purinton used “racial slurs,” … Continued

States Vow to Defy Trump Rollback of Trans Guidelines

President Donald Trump, with strong backing from Attorney General Jeff Sessions, withdrew the Obama administration’s letter of guidance protecting the rights of transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice. The Trump administration’s action directly contradicts comments Trump made during the presidential campaign. Debate over the issue raged after North Carolina’s legislature passed a … Continued

NASA Announcement About Exoplanets Thrills Scientific Community

Goldilocks appears to have many sisters in the Trappist-1 System. “Finding a second Earth is not a matter of if, but when,” according to Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator of the Science Mission Directorate at NASA in a press conference this afternoon. NASA announced that astronomers from the University of Liege in Belgium have found seven new planets … Continued

Planned Parenthood Scores Two Victories in the South

Yesterday, Texas and Virginia were the sites for the latest victories for Planned Parenthood in response to attempts to defund the women’s health organization. In Virginia, Governor Terry McAuliffe vetoed a bill passed by the legislature. The bill would have prevented Planned Parenthood and other groups from receiving state funding for any of their services because … Continued



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