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Aileen Wagner employs her love of words as a writer and editor. She is the owner of Walnut Bend Creative, and spends her time working on everything from textbooks to narratives to research presentations. She lives with her family in Columbus, Ohio. You can connect with her at walnutbendcreative.wordpress.com or via Walnut Bend Creative on Facebook.
Gorsuch protest

Gorsuch Nomination Hangs By Thread–Unless GOP Goes “Nuclear”

Senate Democrats are making public their planned votes for opposing or supporting Judge Neil ...


SpaceX Just Changed Space Travel Forever

Humans are one step closer to travel to Mars and other planets, thanks to ...

Seattle mayor

Seattle Strikes Back By Suing Trump Administration

The City of Seattle is suing the federal government over the Trump administration’s threats ...

Can't hear

Entire West Coast Rejects Trump Rollbacks, Will Forge Own Path

Eight West Coast leaders have issued a statement defying President Donald Trump’s environmental policy rollbacks and committing ...

Donald Trump

Trump’s Approval Ratings Just Hit An All-Time Low

The weekly Gallup Poll released yesterday shows that President Donald Trump’s approval ratings fell ...

Air pollution

Trump Set To Undo Cornerstone Obama Environmental Plan

Scott Pruitt, head of the Environmental Protection Agency, announced that President Donald Trump will ...

Donald Trump

Trump Issues Unusual Ultimatum Over Friday Healthcare Vote

Approve the American Health Care Act today or President Donald Trump will move on ...

Canada's budget

A Tale of Two Budgets: What Canada Just Proposed Puts U.S. to Shame

Canada has unveiled its 2017 budget plan and it stands in stark contrast to ...

Franken Gorsuch

Senator Al Franken Schools Gorsuch in Confirmation Hearing

During Supreme Court confirmation hearings, Senator Al Franken exposed the absurdity of one Neil ...

Anthony Napolitano

Trump’s Source for “News” at Fox Just Got Yanked by the Network

Senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano will not appear on Fox News for an unknown ...