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Aileen Wagner employs her love of words as a writer and editor. She is the owner of Walnut Bend Creative, and spends her time working on everything from textbooks to narratives to research presentations. She lives with her family in Columbus, Ohio. You can connect with her at walnutbendcreative.wordpress.com or via Walnut Bend Creative on Facebook.

NASA Takes Gwyneth Paltrow to Task for Pseudoscience

Former NASA scientist also weighs in on claims by Paltrow's health and wellness website.

Comey Trump

As Details Emerge on Dinner with Comey, Trump Goes Unhinged on Twitter

In January, President Donald Trump and former FBI Director James Comey had dinner together. ...


New Approval Ratings Bear Terrible News for Trump

President Donald Trump’s approval ratings just keep falling. The latest Quinnipiac University national poll, released yesterday, shows ...

Reactions Swift, Harsh over Comey Firing

President Donald Trump earned criticism and questions after last night’s surprise firing of FBI ...

Sally Yates

Sally Yates Demolished Two GOP Senators Who Came for Her

Sally Yates could give a masterclass in how to testify before the Senate. The ...

Obama courage

Obama JFK Courage Award Speech Minces Few Words

Former President Barack Obama called on Americans to show courage, make tough decisions, and ...

Trumpcare celebration

Rare Alliance: Insurers Just Joined Doctors, Hospitals to Urge Big Changes to AHCA

Doctors, hospitals, and insurers have come together to fight the American Health Care Act ...


Obamas Step Up with Personal Donation Pledge

The people of Chicago’s South Side will benefit from the generosity of Barack and ...

Kim Davis

Things Just Got Worse for Kim Davis

Yesterday, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that lawsuits against Kim Davis could ...

Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel May Have Just Saved Obamacare

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel used last night's monologue to share the story of his ...