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Pediatrician Answers Which Is Better For Your Kid: Smoking Weed Or Drinking Alcohol.

As my children, and my friends’ children, are getting older, a question that comes up again and again from friends is this: Which would I rather my children use — alcohol or marijuana? The immediate answer, of course, is “neither.” But no parent accepts that. It’s assumed, and not incorrectly, that the vast majority of … Continued

The Battle of the Supremes: Alabama State Supreme Court Goes Rogue, Thumbs Its Nose at SCOTUS over Marriage Equality

The Alabama Supreme Court fired a shot across the bow of the U.S. Supreme Court, defiantly challenging that court’s earlier decision to let same-sex marriages proceed in the state. The Tuesday opinion ordered probate judges in that state to stop issuing marriage licenses, setting up a rare legal showdown that pits state power against federal, … Continued



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