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April Fool's Day 2018: Best Last-Minute Pranks You Can Still Pull Off

Do you have somebody in your life that you feel like you have to torture on April Fool’s Day? Maybe your well of tricks has run dry and you’ve been stuck with the reserves that nobody falls for. There’s no need to give up because while you may not be able to produce trickery of your own, the internet is always there to give you some inspiration.

Though April Fool’s Day is already upon you, there are 24 hours in a day. That means there are 24 good hours that you can spend planning and executing the perfect April Fool’s Day gag. If you’re in need of some ideas, take a look through these last-minute April Fool’s Pranks. When you’ve picked your favorite, get to work giving somebody something to shake their fist at.

The Mashed Potato and Gravy Sundae

You know what sounds delicious to just about everyone? An ice cream sundae. So, how best to ruin the day of somebody with a sweet tooth? Make them think they’re getting a treat and deliver to them a glass of mashed potatoes and gravy. You will have to use thicker mashed potatoes and spoon them out with an ice cream scoop for the look of a vanilla sundae. If you have the time, you can try to mix in pepper so it looks like real vanilla bean. Add gravy as the “caramel” sauce and get your phone ready to take a picture of their reaction.

Contact Switcharoo

If you can get your hand on somebody’s phone, make it sound like you’re doing something productive and quickly access their contacts. Then, change your contact name to either that of their parent or sibling. After you give them their phone back, wait a few minutes before texting them something utterly ridiculous. Before long, they’ll think the person you’re impersonating has completely lost their mind.

For a little added fun and madness, switch around the names of current contacts.

Mouse Hijinx

A classic never gets old. Take a piece of masking tape and place it over the sensor of your intended target’s mouse. They’ll lose their mind as they try to figure out why the cursor isn’t moving.

Should both you and they have a Bluetooth mouse, swap out the sensors so you can control their cursor from your desk. Nothing is funnier than hindered productivity.

Dude, Your Car!

For some reason, there are applications for iOS and Android phones that lets you take pictures of a car and alter it to look like it was damaged. Well, on April Fool’s Day, that app gets to shy. In the Apple Store, it’s called “Dude, Your Car!” while on the Google Play Store it can be found under “Dude car prank.” Both are free and pretty detailed in the damage that can be done to a vehicle.

All you have to do is take a picture of a friend or co-workers car, run it through the app, and send it to them. It has to be a modest amount of damage, especially if the car is sitting in a parking lot.

Text Replacement

On both iOS and Android phones, there is an option to create keyboard shortcuts. Instead of having to type out something in its entirety, it can be designated as a short form string of letters or numbers. For instance, typing “addr” can populate your address.

Well, if you can get a hold of someone’s phone, try to turn commonly used words into ridiculous or inconvenient shortcuts. Maybe the word “Hi” populates as “Goodbye.” It doesn’t have to be elaborate. The fact that their phone seems to be autocorrecting them is torture enough.

Visit PCWorld to find out how to access this feature on Android and Apple devices.

The Meanest Trick Ever

If you strive to have people hate you, then this is the trick for you. Take a cardboard box and decorate it with frosting, sprinkles, and anything else that will help make it look like a cake. Then, bring it to work, put it somewhere that people frequent, and attach a note that says “For the office. Enjoy!”

It will only work on one, maybe two people, but watching them try to feverishly cut into a piece of cardboard cake for their daily sugar rush is well worth the effort of decorating the box.