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AOC Speaks Out After Jan 6 Rioter Who Was Given A Capitol Tour Is Heard Threatening Her In Video

AOC Speaks Out After Jan 6 Rioter Who Was Given A Capitol Tour Is Heard Threatening Her In Video
January 6th Committee/YouTube; @KevinFreyTV/Twitter

A man who made repeated violent threats against Democratic members of Congress during video he filmed on January 6, 2021 was given a behind the scenes tour of the Capitol complex on January 5 by a Republican legislator.

The private tour went to access points throughout the Capitol "not typically of interest to tourists." It was areanged and lead by Georgia Republican Representative Barry Loudermilk.

During the tour, the threatening rioter was seen on Capitol Police surveillance video looking around then taking photos of stairs, entrances, exits and other access points used only by members of Congress and Capitol staff.

January 6th Committee/YouTube

The January 6 committee presented compiled footage combining Loudermilk’s personally conducted tour and the man's video from the Capitol siege the next day.

You can see that video here:

One of the targets named by the man spoke out on the revelations.

New York Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez—looking both resigned and sad—said:

"I think it's been very clear for a very long time that I work with people who wish me harm. Who wish me physical harm, who wish me political harm, who wish me harm."

AOC added:

"And it's not just Rep. Loudermilk."
"You have many members of Congress who have specifically used my name to incite violence. And this has been happening well before the 6th."
"And many people experienced the 6th in very different ways."

Providing her own perspective, the New York Democrat stated:

"I experienced it as a culmination of the violent rhetoric, not a first time or a one-time spike in violent rhetoric."

In the revelatory video, a man from Loudermilk’s tour took footage of both walking to former Republican President Donald Trump's January 6 rally and the later march from the rally to the Capitol where the riot occurred. The violent insurrection caused at least five deaths, over 100 injuries to law enforcement and millions of dollars in damages.

Violent threats and rhetoric about "patriots" were included throughout the man's videos.

Another man he referred to as their "fearless leader" showed off a flagpole with a sharpened point which he said was “for a certain person" before charging forward wielding the flagpole as a weapon to demonstrate.

January 6th Committee/YouTube

The man filming said in response:

"That’s right."
"That's for somebody special."

People were appalled members of Congress are so often being specifically targeted with violent rhetoric and credible threats by their Republican colleagues.

They offered AOC their support.

AOC also spoke about the damning video of Loudermilk’s tour.

"I think it does raise the question why there were people taking photographs the day before the insurrection, when the Capitol was closed to the public?"
"And now [Loudermilk is] saying that he had no idea who the people that he brought into the Capitol were."
"It's a very strange set of facts."

The January 6th Committee asked Loudermilk for an interview in May about his January 5 tour.

He denied it was a "reconnaissance tour"—a term the media, public and select committee used for GOP tours provided while the Capitol was closed to the public.

Loudermilk released a statement after the footage of his guests was revealed. He claimed the Capitol Police "put this false accusation to bed," adding the committee was pushing a “false narrative” that GOP members led reconnaissance tours.

Loudermilk maintains his guests attended the MAGA "Stop the Steal" rally and marched on the Capitol, but decided not to participate in the riot.

The January 6th Committee disputes his claims.