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Anderson Cooper Just Eviscerated Pro-Trump MyPillow Founder Right to His Face During Bonkers Interview


President Donald Trump has routinely pushed hydroxychloroquine—an antimalarial drug with strong side effects—as a treatment for the virus that's killed over 170 thousand Americans.

Now, he and his allies are pushing a new and even more unfounded "cure": oleandrin, an extract of the highly toxic oleander plant.

Trump expressed enthusiasm for oleandrin after an Oval Office meeting last week with Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, as well as MyPillow founder and devout Trump supporter Michael Lindell. Lindell has joined the board of Phoenix Biotechnology, which develops the extract, and now stands to make a profit from the sales of oleandrin.

Lindell appeared on CNN host Anderson Cooper's show on Tuesday, where he attempted to promote oleandrin only to have Cooper take him to task.

Watch below.

Lindell insisted that so-called tests of the extract, which he couldn't cite, had shown promising results and that the treatment would be approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

As Lindell insisted that he was working to save lives and do the glory of God, Cooper responded:

"You really are like a snake oil salesman. You could be in the Old West standing on a box, telling people to drink your amazing elixir, [but] there's no proof."

When Lindell asked why he'd ruin his reputation to endorse this cure, Cooper's reply was curt:

"You don't have a great reputation. You settled for a million dollars in California, you have an 'F' from the Better Business Bureau."

Cooper was confounded when Lindell asserted that the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota was out to get him for his "support of this great President":

"Oh, sir. That's just sad. That's sad."

Twitter was happy to see Lindell put through the wringer.

As Cooper mentioned, Lindell already doesn't have a great reputation.

A successful lawsuit found that Lindell overstated the medical benefits of the pillows he peddles.