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When Anderson Cooper Heard the Real Reason Trump Held That Photo-Op at St. John's Church, His Reaction Was So Pure


Uprisings continued across the nation this past weekend in response to former police officer Derek Chauvin's murder of George Floyd, an unarmed Black civilian in Minnesota.

The righteous anger was especially strong in Washington, D.C., where protesters formed outside of the White House. On Sunday night, President hid from protestors in an underground bunker while the exterior lights of the White House were turned off.

People mocked the President's cowardice, so on Monday he ordered police to tear gas peaceful protestors in order to clear a path for him to walk to Saint John's Church to take a picture with the Bible.

The President siccing the military police on his own citizens in order to take a photograph rightly made people livid, and that anger was only exacerbated when people learned that the decision was made in part because the President was dismayed at coverage about him cowering in the bunker.

Anderson Cooper's reaction to this said it all.

Watch below.

CNN reporter Kailtan Collins informed Cooper that the President cleared the path because he was frustrated with coverage of him hiding in the bunker.

Cooper, giving an eyeroll for the ages, said:

"Oh my god. Wow. We are in trouble...He was taken to a bunker and he's hiding in a bunker and he's embarrassed that people know that, so what does he have to do? He has to sic police on peaceful protestors so he can make a big show of being the little big man...he always talks about the world laughing, that the world are laughing at the governors. They're not laughing at the governors, they're standing in horror at what is happening."

People could relate to Cooper's frustration.

It didn't even change the perception of Trump fleeing to the bunker.

Make it stop.