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Ally of Donald Trump Calls for Shut Down of 2020 Presidential Election Amid Coronavirus Fears

Ally of Donald Trump Calls for Shut Down of 2020 Presidential Election Amid Coronavirus Fears

COVID-19, or coronavirus, continues to spread across the United States and the globe, with many American towns and cancelling large gatherings, including college classes, church services, plays, and concerts.

Some on the right continue to make light of the pandemic in an effort to distract from the Trump administration's bungling of the health crisis so far, including portraying mitigation measures as the Left restricting Americans' freedoms.

Among them is Sheriff David Clarke, a Trump ally reportedly considered for an administration position, who floated the possibility of postponing the upcoming presidential election until 2024.

The former Milwaukee County, Wisconsin Sheriff took the idea to Twitter.

Clarke accused the media of hysteria over the virus based on a lack of factual information, claiming that they "shut down America."

There are thousands of cases of COVID-19 across the United States as the pandemic grows more and more serious.

People scoffed at Clarke's idea of cancelling the election.

However. because a presidential term can't be extended without an election, people began pointing out that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) would ascend to the presidency if the election were cancelled.

Clarke claimed in 2017 that he would be joining the Trump administration as Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for Partnership and Engagement, but that never came to light. He continues to campaign on behalf of the President, despite calling for the 2020 election's cancellation.

Until recent days, President Donald Trump has made similar remarks decrying the virus as a "hoax" and accusing the media of deliberately overblowing the precautions as an attempt to undermine his presidency.