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Lt. Col. Vindman's Lawyer Perfectly Shames Donald Trump in Response to Trump's Attacks on Him

Lt. Col. Vindman's Lawyer Perfectly Shames Donald Trump in Response to Trump's Attacks on Him
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Americans across the country were furious when President Donald Trump fired Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman after Trump was acquitted in his impeachment trial by the Republican Senate.

Vindman complied with a congressional subpoena to testify before the House committee overseeing Trump's impeachment inquiry last year.

The career military official and Purple Heart recipient was escorted out by security along with his twin brother, an NSC official who played no part in the impeachment proceedings.

But Trump wasn't done.

Naturally, he took to Twitter to besmirch Vindman's character, even putting his rank in quotation marks.

The report Trump is referring to was mentioned during Vindman's testimony, only for Vindman to respond with a more recent glowing report from the same superior.

Still fuming at the legions of people defending Vindman, Trump recently continued his attacks on Geraldo Rivera's podcast, claiming that people applauded when the Lieutenant Colonel was escorted out:

"Vindman was someone who when we took him out, the building applauded ... many people in the building started applauding."

Yet again, his attempts to smear Vindman aren't working.

The Lieutenant Colonel's lawyer was quick to respond.

He said in part:

"LTC Vindman complied with a subpoena. The President would have him defy it.
LTC Vindman told the truth under oath. The President would have him lie."

People weren't buying Trump's claim that National Security Council officials applauded when Vindman was escorted out.

Trump also claimed that he'd consider doing away with having experts like Vindman monitor his calls with foreign leaders.