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Alex Jones Just Claimed That Democrats Let RBG Die as a 'Satanic' 'Blood Sacrifice' and Yeah, It's a Lot

Alex Jones Just Claimed That Democrats Let RBG Die as a 'Satanic' 'Blood Sacrifice' and Yeah, It's a Lot
Shannon Finney/Getty Images // InfoWars

The nation was rocked last week when news broke that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away, ending a decades long tenure defined by judicial support for gender equality and voting rights.

Ginsburg's passing came after numerous health battles, including cancer, but conspiracy theorist and snake oil salesman Alex Jones thinks that Democrats could've kept her alive—and chose not to.

Jones, whose dangerous and bizarre conspiracy theories resulted in his exile from YouTube and numerous other platforms, ranted that Ginsburg was actually part of a Democratic "blood sacrifice."

Contradicting his own claims that Ginsburg had been dead for weeks, Jones said:

Look, the really sick math is [Democrats] had her on life support, they could keep her alive with adrenaline and growth hormone and blood transfusions, and it was her wish to go ahead and die to get the vote out as a blood sacrifice because her main mission was to get abortion. Blood sacrifice that [Senator Chuck] Schumer talked about, if you want a war, quit letting us have the blood of the babies, we need that satanic energy."

Jones' assertion regarding Ginsburg and Schumer—both of whom are Jewish—plays into a centuries old anti-semitic "blood libel" trope that Jews secretly murder Christian children to use their blood for religious rituals. The conspiracy theorist's history of anti-semitism is well-documented.

Jones was a vocal proponent of the "Pizzagate" conspiracy theory, which resulted in a shooting at a local pizzeria, and he's faced legal battles from parents of school shooting victims for telling his viewers that they were actors in a staged shooting. The claims resulted in constant harassment and death threats to the surviving parents.

His latest theory only reiterated just how off-the-rails Jones is.

While most of Jones' beliefs aren't touted by Republican lawmakers, the brand Jones built and the GOP's own continued legitimization of conspiracy theories has made him inextricable from the Republican party to some critics.

Jones later added that the storied Justice was "in hell in an ocean of her own excrement."