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'Fox & Friends' Host Claims Trump Does Not Take Things 'Personally' or Get 'Combative' and Receipts Say Otherwise

'Fox & Friends' Host Claims Trump Does Not Take Things 'Personally' or Get 'Combative' and Receipts Say Otherwise
Fox News

Former Vice President and current 2020 Presidential candidate Joe Biden erupted at a man during an Iowa town hall who accused him of actively working to get his son Hunter a board position on the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings. Biden called the man a "damn liar" before challenging him to pushups.

Republicans seized on the moment as an opportunity to discredit Biden as a candidate, but Fox and Friends cohost Ainsley Earhardt's reaction may be the most deluded yet.

While interviewing pro-Trump media personalities Diamond and Silk about Trump's so-called since of humor, Earhardt used the moment to compare the President and his potential 2020 opponent.

Watch below.

FOX and Friends 12/6/19 8AM | Fox & Friends Fox News decemb­e­r 6,

Earhardt said:

"I was watching when Joe Biden responded to that guy in the audience yesterday and he took offense to it, he was getting in the guy's face...what's interesting about our current President, if someone says something like that to him, he doesn't take it personally, he answers the question, and he has a way of responding without, in my opinion, without it being so combative."

Diamond and Silk agreed and accused Biden of being a bully.

It's unclear where they got the idea that Trump isn't combative or that he's not a bully.

Whether he's bullying reporters...

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Or lawmakers...

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Or whomever is the subject of his rage-tweets that day...

The President is far from even-tempered.

Earhardt's statements had people asking where she got the idea that Trump wasn't combative.

At least Trump himself was likely happy with Earhardt's words.