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Anti-Choice Author Gets Owned After Referring to Anyone Who Calls God a 'She' as 'Evil'

Anti-Choice Author Gets Owned After Referring to Anyone Who Calls God a 'She' as 'Evil'
NBC News

Most know anti-abortion activist Abby Johnson as the 2020 Republican National Convention speaker who bizarrely declared at the lectern that abortion has a smell.

Johnson's activism relies on questionable or outright false claims designed to disgust her audiences and further demonize those who exercise their right to an abortion for whatever reason they see fit.

But Johnson's eager embrace of dogma at the sacrifice of science and accuracy doesn't just extend to fetuses, but to humanity as a whole.

Johnson made that perfectly clear in a recent Twitter interaction with Catholics for Choice communications director Charlotte Clymer, who happens to be a transgender woman.

It all started when Johnson scoffed at those who refer to God with feminine pronouns, decrying them as "evil."

Clymer challenged Johnson's claim by asking how the activist knew God was only male.

Johnson responded to her with quotes from the Bible using masculine pronouns for the deity.

Clymer used this as an opportunity to point out the priority Johnson was placing on respecting God's supposed gender—a respect that Johnson doesn't extend to trans and nonbinary people like Clymer.

Johnson made that disrespect clear yet again in her response.

Then Johnson made a questionable claim.

And Clymer once again rebutted.

Johnson's claims didn't stand to scrutiny.

As for Johnson's claims about God's pronouns...

Johnson has yet to respond.