Can A “Multi-Speed” Europe Salvage The E.U.?

European Union

The Atlantic Council Conference recently took place in Washington DC., gathering together prominent influencers from the political and financial sectors in Europe and the U.S.

Central to the discussions were relations between European leaders and the newly elected U.S. government. The conversations took place against the backdrop of a new Atlantic Council report that provided a roadmap for the E.U. to stimulate economic growth and thereby safeguard the European project and reinvigorate the transatlantic alliance.

Second Nexus asked panel participants their views on the current broader discussion of a “multi-speed” Europe, and how that might affect cohesion in the Eurozone where several members are facing serious structural and economic problems.

Panelists included the former President of the EU Commission and Non-Executive Chairman of Goldman Sachs International, Mr. Jose Manuel Barroso; the Former Prime Minister of Hungary, Mr. Gordon Bajnai; the former Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs, Dr. Paula Dobriansky; and the President and Chief Executive Officer of Moody’s Corporation, Mr. Raymond McDaniel.

Second Nexus was represented at the conference by journalist and editor Thanos Dimadis. You can watch the video of the panel interviews below.

Can A “Multi-Speed” Europe Salvage The E.U.?

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