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Chocolate Lovers Now Have One More Reason to Celebrate

Scientists have invented a fourth type of chocolate and it's pretty in pink.


Farewell, Cassini-Huygens: Some Highlights From Its 13 Years In Saturn’s Orbit

Cassini-Huygens is humanity’s first in-depth study of Saturn and its system of rings and ...


NASA Beams Crowdsourced Tweet To The Universe On Voyager I’s 40th Birthday

In honor of Voyager 1’s 40th anniversary in space, NASA broadcast a "happy birthday" ...

Soft Rpbots

New “Soft” Robots Heal and Adapt When Damaged

New applications of polymers and algorithms allow robots to heal and adapt when damaged, ...

Pets, cats. dpgs

Yes, Our Pets Can See Things That Are Invisible To The Human Eye

Cats and dogs can see ultraviolet light that is invisible to the human eye.


Harnessing The “Magic” Of Mushrooms For Mental Health Treatment

A new study maps the enzymes and genes of psilocybin, the primary hallucinogen in ...

Radio Navigation

Look Out, GPS. Radio Navigation is Making a Comeback

GPS is vulnerable to hacking. Old-school radio navigation may be resurrected as a backup.

Delta Airlines Swoops In With Jumbo Idea To Save Those in Irma’s Path

Delta had already announced that it would be retiring their last seven Boeing 747-400s, once called ...