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Texas Legislature Delivers Fatal Blow to “Bathroom Bill”

The proposed legislation failed following condemnation from civil rights groups and business leaders.


Transgender Servicemembers Hit Back at Trump

The president's proposed transgender military ban is already being challenged in court.

marry your rapist

Two “Marry Your Rapist” Laws Fall—Will Other Countries Follow?

“Marry your rapist” laws are still on the books in many countries, but they ...


Washington Passes Landmark Domestic Abuser Gun Law

Washington becomes the first state to pass a law requiring victims be notified when ...


DOJ Argues Landmark Civil Rights Law Won’t Apply to LGBTQ People

The DOJ's amicus brief, filed yesterday, is the latest attack on LGBTQ people and ...


Condemnation From All Sides Over Trump’s Trans Service Ban

The statements from those with military service counter Trump's claim that allowing transgender people ...


Trump Announces U.S. Military Ban on Transgender Individuals

The president's move is an abrupt reversal of an Obama administration decision which would ...


The Case for an Official Third Gender Option

In some situations, a baby’s gender can’t be determined at birth. For these people, ...


Oregon Becomes First State to Offer Gender-Neutral IDs: Here’s What to Expect

Oregon became the first state to allow a gender-neutral designation on IDs, and there's ...