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Scientists Find 100 Million Year-Old Flowers Perfectly Preserved In Amber

Researchers find a previously undiscovered ancient flower preserved in amber.

Elephants Save Tourists in Nepal

Elephants Helped Carry Stranded Tourists To Safety In Nepal

Endangered elephants help carry South Asian tourists through raging flood waters.

hurricane irma landfall map,

Hurricane Irma Strengthens, Florida and Caribbean Brace For Impact

Hurricane Irma made landfall early this morning in the Caribbean on the small island ...


A College Student Has Discovered a Huge Range of Volcanoes Under Antarctica

An undergraduate student’s curiosity led to the discovery of what could be the largest ...


Great Gray Globs of Fat Are Lurking in Our Sewers

Cooking fat washed down the drain joins up with wet wipes flushed down the ...


Canada Seeks To Eliminate Dairy As A Food Group

A proposal would eliminate dairy as a food group in response to a debate ...


How Trading Beans For Beef Could Help Save Your Life And The Planet

Switching from beef to beans would reduce both risk of heart disease and climate ...