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Melting Glaciers Reveal Missing People and a Whole Lot More

Human bodies, prehistoric animals, lost treasure, and dormant, deadly diseases are about to be ...


China Builds “Forest City” to Combat Pollution

China is politically and practically cooperating with the EU to develop new models for ...


Fighting Climate Change: 66 Million Trees Planted in 12 Hours

In tune with efforts to fight climate change, India planted 66 million trees in ...


The Bacteria in Your Gut Could Explain Your Mood

Scientists find a new link between human behavior and gut flora.


Construction Worker Uncovers Medieval Sword in Peat Bog

Peat bogs contain untold treasures from the past. But harvesting and warmer temps could ...


One Bite from the “Lone Star Tick” Could Mean No More Red Meat for You Ever.

This tick, distinguished by its Texas shaped white smudge, has continued to baffle researchers.