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Stephanie Casella

Stephanie Casella is a writer based just outside of New York City. She generally writes on politics, news, and culture, but occasionally delves into social issues, travel, science, food, and lifestyle.
Game of Thrones, artificial intelligence, Daenerys Targaryen

Artificial Intelligence Takes A Stab At Writing The Next “Game Of Thrones” Book

A software engineer programmed a recurrent neural network (RNN) to begin writing the upcoming ...


Meet The Real Russian Spies Who Inspired FX’s “The Americans”

An American family in suburban New Jersey were actually Russian spies living undercover for ...


FDA Approves “Living Drug” That Fights Cancer

Researchers have developed a medication used to fight a common childhood leukemia and it ...

South Park

Why “South Park” Will Now Be Ignoring Trump

“South Park” is taking a different direction from last season. The creators want to ...


Fighting Climate Change: 66 Million Trees Planted in 12 Hours

In tune with efforts to fight climate change, India planted 66 million trees in ...


Why Americans Are More Afraid of Terrorism Deaths Than Gun Deaths

Americans do not fear guns nearly as highly as they fear Islamic terrorism. The ...

river vanished

An Entire Canadian River Vanished in Mere Days — Here’s What Happened

A river in Canada has almost entirely disappeared in a matter of just days. ...

New Mexico Outlaws “Lunch Shaming” in Public Schools

The state of New Mexico has passed a bill that will move to prevent ...

Sessions Blasted Over Comments on “An Island in the Pacific”

Sessions incredulous over power of Federal Court in Hawaii to stop the White House.

Theresa May Stuns with Brexit-Related Election Announcement

Prime Minister Theresa May of the United Kingdom has made calls for a general ...