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Jordan Rosenfeld

Jordan Rosenfeld is author of 7 books and has published in: The Atlantic, the Daily Beast, the New York Times, Pacific Standard, Quartz, Salon, the Washington Post and many more. Her writing can be found on www.jordanrosenfeld.net, and you can follow her on Twitter @JordanRosenfeld.

New Immunotherapy Trial Shows Promising Results For Leukemia Patients

A radical immunotherapy approach puts leukemia with low survival rate into remission


Once And For All, Are Men’s and Women’s Brains Different?

Reviled former Google employee’s anti-women memo renews controversy about the differences between men and ...


World’s First Pediatric Double Hand Transplant A Success

The first child to receive a double hand transplant is leading a successful life.


One Bite from the “Lone Star Tick” Could Mean No More Red Meat for You Ever.

This tick, distinguished by its Texas shaped white smudge, has continued to baffle researchers.


A New Machine Can Suck Carbon Dioxide Directly from the Air

Carbon Capture technologies can pull carbon out of the air and reduce greenhouse gas ...


LGBTQ Rights Are Under Attack in Texas

Texas goes after LGBTQ rights with a series of new legislation

Climate Change

States Defy White House on Climate Change

States commit to fight climate change after White House pulls out of Paris Agreement


Can ADHD Be Treated Like a Sleep Disorder?

A drug used to treat narcolepsy has positive effects on ADHD