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Brandon Gage

Since moving to New York in 2011, Brandon has worked as a real estate broker, nightlife promoter and bartender. He has never had a cavity nor ever broken a bone. In 2015, this devastatingly handsome yet respectably humble man-child was diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis. In July of 2017, he had his colon removed in the first of three surgeries to cure his UC. Silver lining: he can direct those in need to the best bathrooms in New York. Brandon is a politics junkie and ruins everyone's news-feed on a daily basis. He holds a Bachelor of Music from Indiana University. When he isn't whining about President Trump or trapped in the bathroom looking at twinks on Instagram, Brandon likes to run, work out, travel and go clubbing. His cat and sidekick Cosmo has his own Instagram @kweencosmo.

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