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Amy McElroy

Amy McElroy is a contributing editor and writer for Rewire Me. She has written for print, radio, and online publications such as The Bold Italic, The Billfold, Noodle, Cosmopolitan, BlogHer, and others. Her website, amyjmcelroy.net, lists her editorial services. She’s on twitter at @amyjmcelroy. Amy balances her work at the computer by teaching yoga and fitness.
Climate Change

Children Are Suing The Government Over Climate Change, And Some Experts Say They’ll Win

A group of young people and leading climate change scientist are suing the federal ...


China Builds “Forest City” to Combat Pollution

China is politically and practically cooperating with the EU to develop new models for ...


Boys Turn Tables On Traditional Dress Code Debate

When a heatwave hit Devon, England, 30 boys from a private school protested the ...

Dress Code

Is This Canadian “Distraction Free” Learning Environment Body Shaming Girls?

Boys in Alberta posted a sign complaining about girls who wear distracting clothing, and ...


FDA Pushes Back Against Opioid Epidemic

The FDA requested Endo Pharmacueticals remove the opioid Opana ER from the market because ...


Artifacts Discovered In Peru Reveal Society More Advanced than Ancient Egypt

Beneath one the oldest South American pyramids—in Huaca Prieta, Peru—researchers found evidence of a ...

magic mushrooms

Results Are Out On Magic Mushrooms

Global Drug Survey 2017 determined hallucinogenic mushrooms are the safest illegal drug, based on ...


Possible Link Between Diet Sodas and Stroke or Dementia

[DIGEST: CNN, American Heart Association, Framingham Heart Study, NBC, Washington Post, Newsheart, Stroke Association, ...