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Second Nexus Staff

Radio Navigation

Look Out, GPS. Radio Navigation is Making a Comeback

GPS is vulnerable to hacking. Old-school radio navigation may be resurrected as a backup.


France’s Plan To Combat Lyme Disease Puts The U.S. To Shame

France is battling Lyme disease with a comprehensive prevention-education-treatment strategy. The U.S. has ten ...


Great Gray Globs of Fat Are Lurking in Our Sewers

Cooking fat washed down the drain joins up with wet wipes flushed down the ...


So, ‘Brosectomy’ Parties Are Now A Thing

Men are taking charge of their fertility with vasectomies — and celebrating the procedure ...


Chicago Just Added A Major Requirement For High School Seniors To Graduate

Chicago high school students will need to have a plan for life after graduation ...

Imagine Never Having to Charge Your Phone Again

A new battery-free cell phone relies on old technology to function when new tech ...


Walmart Will Soon Use Facial Recognition Robots To Improve Customer Service

Technology is dramatically changing the retail world, from online shopping to in-store robots and ...


Take Cover: Unstoppable STDs are Coming Your Way

Gonorrhea is becoming resistant to the only drugs that can treat it.