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Second Nexus Staff


What Exactly is That “Old Book” Smell?

Researchers study what makes books so good that we keep buying them, even in ...


Construction Worker Uncovers Medieval Sword in Peat Bog

Peat bogs contain untold treasures from the past. But harvesting and warmer temps could ...


If You Are Diabetic, A New Kind of Tattoo Could Save Your Life

New high-tech tools including a biosensing tattoo could make managing the disease pain-free and ...

Date Rape

New Tech Protects Against Date Rape Drugs

A new wave of products can help people protect themselves from sexual assault.


Scientists Are Leaving the Lab and Hitting the Campaign Trail

Traditionally, scientists have avoided politics, in part because they want to maintain an impartial ...


Rural America is the New “Inner City”

Drugs, crime, unemployment, and teen pregnancy (among other issues) plague rural communities, while once-troubled ...


The U.S. Brain Drain Could Begin With Scientists

France rolls out the welcome mat for U.S. scientists and others who are disenfranchised ...


Patients Being Hit With Monster “Balance Billing” from Hospitals

Hospitals are overcharging patients for procedures in states with no consumer protections