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Texas Legislature Delivers Fatal Blow to “Bathroom Bill”

The proposed legislation failed following condemnation from civil rights groups and business leaders.


New Study Finds Sperm Counts Dropping Throughout The Western World

A study shows a significant decline in sperm counts in four western nations.


So, ‘Brosectomy’ Parties Are Now A Thing

Men are taking charge of their fertility with vasectomies — and celebrating the procedure ...

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Technologies That Could Enslave Humanity

While humans continue to mold and shape technology, it’s just a matter of time ...

Add Scents to Your Messages with an Aromatic App

Proud of that beef bourguignon you’re slaving over? Snap a pic, tag it with ...

These Satellite Photos May Alter Your Perceptions of Our Planet

Daily Overview is a new project that shares one satellite photo from Digital Globes ...

Maps That Might Make You Rethink How You See the World

The Mercator Map Has Distorted Our Reality for Centuries. The map below shows how ...

This is Your Election… and This Is Your Election on Koch: UPDATED.

This article has been updated from its original post by the Second Nexus editors ...

Mysterious Job Posting Runs for 10 Years, Continues to Baffle Applicants

A mysterious classified ad for a “Research Associate/Personal Assistant” in New York City has ...

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Coffee Naps: The Ultimate Power Nap?

When exhausted, there are two viable options to recharge: a nap or a cup ...

The Internet of Things Is Creating a Smarter, More Connected World

I recently bought myself a “smart” wrist band to record how much exercise I ...